Sunday, September 07, 2014

Views From the Golf Cart


I do not know names of many wildflowers, and I guess  I’m not really interested in learning them, because I never bother to look any of them up on Google.  When Al asks me the name of a flower, my answer is usually “purple flower”, or whatever color it is.

Isn’t this one  pretty?   This was growing wild and I noticed it on one of our evening bear “hunts”.


Most everyone in the  Rv park has a golf cart.  There are a lot of country roads around here to ride on, and it’s a fun activity.  You never know what you’re going to see, although most all of us are on a bear “hunt.”  The other night, we saw a group of deer with one big buck right in the middle of the group.

For some reason I didn’t have my camera and he hasn’t been back since!

Unfortunately, we haven’t seen any bear this year, although we understand others have. Somebody said they saw a bear and cubs, but that could be a “fish story.”    We do know there are 2 female bears with cubs at Vogel State Park, which is only a few miles away.  They love the corn fields, so wherever there is corn growing, there may be bear activity.

This is our friend Eileen, with Boo and Brutus.  She takes them on a long golf cart ride every night.  Boo likes to lean out of the cart, so to keep him from falling out, she devised this little gate made of bungee cords.

Eileen, Brutus and Boo

This is a “white” flower, surrounded by yellow flowers.   :)



I didn’t see all the texture on the mushroom when I took the picture.


orange flower



The soybean field is a favorite of the deer.


chomp, chomp


how about this little cutie?


I think deer hunting season starts soon.   :(      I hate hunting season and I hate the way that some people kill just because an animal annoys them, but that’s another story.

Blairsville is normally a pretty sleepy little mountain town, but it seems with all the hot weather brought all the people from the Atlanta area to the mountains for the long Labor Day week-end.  As soon as the holiday week-end was over, most everyone left and we have our sleepy little town back.  October will bring the leaf peepers, so thing will get busy again.  We’re looking forward to the beginning of all the fall festivals.

We have been busy being lazy.  It’s been warmer than usual and we’ve been getting a lot of rain.   Not the all day kind of rain, but the spotty showers that make it difficult to plan a hike.

We did take a drive over to the mountain called Brasstown Bald the other morning.  It’s the highest peak in Georgia and just a few miles from the house.  They have a nice tower and viewing area, and it’s always a lovely place to spend some time.

It was cloudy and foggy that morning, so we thought it would be interesting to see the view in those conditions.  Usually, we pick clear sunny days to go to Brasstown.

Brasstown Bald view

It was really cool there and we wished we had brought a sweater.

Brasstown Bald view

The fog would come and go.

Brasstown Bald view

The sun tried to come out.


We brought our books and sat in the rockers, read our books and enjoyed the view and cool air.

Brasstown Bald view

Notice the straps on Al in the next picture?

We bought new camera/binocular straps on e-Bay.  These are similar to what Nancy had and we really like them.  

Brasstown Bald view

HERE is the link on e-Bay, in case you’re interested.  They are technically for binoculars, but they work just fine with my cameras.

Here is another picture.  They were only $13.95  each, but I got $2 off because I ordered two. Free shipping too. We really like them and I think they will be great for hiking.  No camera flopping around on your neck and the camera is more secure.

I have wanted one for a while, but most of the ones I saw were very expensive.  Nancy liked hers just fine, so I decided to take a chance.


Brasstown Bald view


We have  had more rain than normal this past week, but we have also had some sun and some bird activity.


wish the flying bird had been in better focus.


Who says doves can’t land on feeders?


It was sure sunny the day I took this picture. This is the old Blairsville Courthouse in the center of town at the round-a-bout.


and last but not least, Mr. Baxter, who is now up to 17.5 pounds!   The little blimp.



  1. I'm relieved to see that I'm not the only one that is unfamiliar (ignorant) with the names of flowers. I have enough trouble with the names of our eight grandkids... ;c)

    I'm wondering how the farmers feel about the deer raiding their soybean fields. Hope they don't loose too much of their crop income.

  2. Just found your blog, very interesting and I love the flowers, I am a yellow, purple, red flower person too, though I love them. I no longer have a blog so signed up for email notification and thank you for offering that option. Will be traveling with you virtually! Enjoy!

    1. Not sure how I did that Kathie, but glad you're getting the email notifications! Glad to have you on board.

  3. Awww love the pic of the fawn in the field of sweet!!

  4. Hope you get to see your bear. I think Ken and I are heading up there first week of October. I want to go now but he has too many doctors apts. will you be around? Hope to see ya and do some light hiking!

    1. Yep, we'll be here unless of course Mom has an issue. Let us know when you firm up the dates.

  5. I like those straps- sometimes on hikes we only take the phones for pictures because we don't want the camera swinging around getting banged up.

    1. That's what's so nice about the straps. The camera doesn't swing and there is no neck strain. It is even nice for golf cart happy hour!

  6. Glad you like the new camera straps!!! Hope you get your bear sighting soon;o))

  7. Always love pictures of fluffy baxter. You may not know the names of the flowers but you take wonderful pictures of them. We have binocular straps too. I got them at a National Wildlife Refuge. I just wish there were two clips, one for my binoculars and one for my camera. Your first birds are tufted titmice.


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