Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Waiting for Hurricane Ida

We're seeing the remnants of what was Hurricane Ida.  She formed in Central America as a late season storm, did a lot of damage, then turned north, heading straight towards us.  We had a few moments of concern but the forecasters kept predicting it to head north, weaken in  strength, hit land somewhere near Pensacola Florida, then zig east, right towards us.  That is exactly what it did.  It made landfall at Dauphin Island, Alabama.  It looks like we are in for a good bit of rain.
We've had a very mild hurricane season this year and this storm formed in November and kind of surprised everyone.  Hurricane season is supposed to end at the end of November, but I have seen a hurricane threat on News Years day in 2004 or 2005.  Those were the 2 years that Florida got slammed with storms all season long.

I have been considering buying a new SLR digital camera in the future.  They take wonderful pictures like the old SLR cameras, but are still in the digital format.  I like seeing my photo as soon as I take it so that I can re-take it if necessary.  The only problem is that you have to purchase and use several different lens's just like the old style 35mm cameras.  I sold mine years ago once I went digital and have not missed the lens changing or the weight of all that equipment.  I like to carry my camera while hiking or kayaking and my Olympus C50 Ultra Zoom is so light I barely know it’s there.  I also never have to change the lens for whatever shot I want.   I LOVE it.  The camera can take ultra close-ups (macro) as well as  long distance.  It is only a  4 megapixel camera, but has a 10X optical zoom lens with a 4x  (if I remember correctly) digital zoom.  It’s the equivalent of a 38-380mm camera.  Most people say the digital zoom is useless because it’s too grainy to get good photos, but I disagree.  There are a LOT of times without my digital zoom, I would not have been able to get the shot.  In fact the majority of my photos are taken with the full digital/optical zoom. I like take a lot of wildlife shots and need that zoom to get a good close photo.  I agree that maybe they don't look great if you want to blow up the photograph, but that is something I rarely do.


Flowering tree taken without zoom


same tree with zoom of a flower


I didn’t think they made the ultra zoom cameras anymore and was concerned that if something happened to this one, I  would have a problem.  I LOVE this camera.  Fortunately I found another camera that appears to be even better.  It has a 26-520 mm equivalent lens, which is a 20x optical lens and a 5x digital lens.  This is over twice as powerful and with a 10 megapixel camera. The suggested retail price is only $349.95.  Much cheaper than the SLR cameras.

SP 560 UZ


After looking a while I found that Olympus made another ultra zoom camera.  This one retails for $449.95.

SP 590 UZ

It has an even stronger zoom with the equivalent of 26-670 mm lens.  That’s quite a zoom for such a small, lightweight camera. It’s also a 12 megapixel camera with a 26x optical zoom with a 5x digital zoom.  You multiply the 26 times 5 to get the equivalent of 130 times the zoom. 

I think this will be on my list of must have’s. 

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  1. I'll be anxious to read which camera you purchase. I love my little Sony, but which I had a better zoom. Macro works fine and I like the lightweight, small size convenience. DH says my zoom photos are blurry because I shake too much - and he is probably correct about that. Would love to be able to get some bird photos on zoom. I love those bluebirds you have.


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