Sunday, October 04, 2009

Ochlockonee River State Park

Sopchoppy, Florida
We’re back here for our our 2nd camping trip. We’re at site 16 again.
Al wanted to be able to watch the Bucs game on TV but had trouble with regular TV and could get no signal from the satellite. We are having problems with the satellite wherever we go, except at home, where we get a great picture from both the RV satellite and regular TV.
We went into Crawfordville today looking for a place for lunch. We ended up at Victors. It was nice and clean, had great service and a bar. A bar is special for us because in Georgia liquor is rare, and non-existent on a Sunday. Al had a Philly cheese sandwich and I had nachos. They had cheap happy hour prices and so we had an early happy hour. The food was very good and we will go back next time.
The deer at this park are very friendly and will actually eat right out of your hand. We found a doe and her young fawn. The fawn kept trying to nurse. He was very cute.
Of course the usual squirrels. These guys are VERY friendly.
Last night was clear with a beautiful full moon. Our campsite about 50 feet from the river and we can see it out our back window. The moonlight night made for a beautiful stroll.
As it was getting darker and we were ready to head back, we started hearing a strange noise. It sounded like the sound a little bitty horse would make. It kept it up for the longest time. We kept walking closer to the sound and discovered the tree it was in. We were looking up high in the tree until Al spotted it 10 feet above our heads. It was a small owl. We had seen/heard a Screech Owl before and this was definitely not the same sound. I tried to take photo but as soon as I raised the camera it flew off. Oh well. We looked again tonight but didn’t see it.
The camphost told us there is a Florida Black Bear that frequents the campground. We haven’t seen it either, but have our eyes open.
Of course a trip to this campground wouldn’t be complete without the famous white squirrel photo. They are not albino’s but white squirrels that have bred with gray squirrels. They have grey stripes on them and are quite cute.
We took the river path back to the campsite and couldn’t resist this photo.
The cool dry weather we had last week has left and we are getting humidity and warmer days. Still in the 80’s but more humid. None of the 54 degree nights like we had last week..unfortunately.
Tomorrow we planned on kayaking the Sopchoppy River but rain forecast so we’ll have to wait and see. As long as nothing is severe, I can deal with it
Well today is Monday and we have to head home tomorrow. It rained pretty hard today so we didn’t get to go kayaking. We had a nice day anyway. We took the opportunity to clean some cabinets in the motorhome and clear out a little junk. We had oldies music on and it was kind of nice. The deer in the park are really friendly so of course we had to give them a little snack.
Here is “Bambi”. Isn’t he cute?
We are sitting at the campsite and about 6 deer are here eating carrots. It is probably one Mama and several babies from different years. There is one buck with small antlers.
We have tons of squirrels but there is only one white squirrel that we’ve seen at the campsite. He is very acrobatic, much more than the gray ones. He was here mooching with the others when suddenly a large gray squirrel just ran him right off. It was funny. We feel sure he will be back.

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