Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Lake Seminole State Park - Bainbridge, Georgia

We made a day trip to Lake Seminole State Park in early November, 2007. The park is located west of Bainbridge Georgia, near the Alabama and Florida border. It is a beautiful park and we will go back on a camping trip soon. The fall color was just starting and should be beautiful sometime after the middle of the month. Campground The campground sits on a large lake. There are quite a few campsites directly on the water. Our favorite campsites were: 8,9,11,13. These were all 5 star ratings in our opinion. They were all on the lake, easy to get into and plenty large enough for a motorhome. Other sites we liked were 14, 18,19. The park is 52 miles from our home in Cairo, Georgia and about one hour away. A beautiful pine forest surrounds the park and the fragrant pine aroma is all around. We took a 2.2 mile Gopher Tortoise trail hike. It started in the woods, wound around through part of the lake and over a boardwalk over the water. The boardwalk wasn't in the best shape and I was a little concerned some of the loose boards would break and we would end up in the shallow water. It is in need of repair but thanks to those republicans and their budget cuts for the state parks, money is short. Kayaking We did not do any kayaking the day we were here but will definitely be back. It is a great place to kayak. We were thinking when the fall color comes it would be beautiful. Spring Creek feeds into Lake Seminole and is a beautiful clear river that often looks turquoise. We went to some of the boat launches north of this park and found them to me impassable, no good place to put your kayak in, and dirty. where you would launch. One was under a bridge overpass. The water was pretty, but there were no trash receptacles and there was trash all over the place. It looked like a good place to get mugged. This was in Brinson, Georgia off highway 84. We thought if we went north to where the headspring was located that the river would be prettier. We were WRONG. The closer to the head spring, the worse it became. I realize we are in our 2nd year of a bad drought, but the Spring Creek was mostly not passable the farther north we went. The best places to launch in Spring Creek, are near Lake Seminole. Kayaking on Lake Seminole would be nice also, but I recommend going during the week if you can. There was a very noisy airboat which spoiled the peace and quiet of this beautiful lake. We were there during the week and I fear the place would be full of airboats on the weekends.

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