Thursday, February 16, 2012

Are You a Robot?

Comment moderation is getting more difficult to actually read the words they want you to type.

No, I am NOT a robot and I cannot read those words.

Can you read this?

Fullscreen capture 2162012 105332 AM.bmp

How about this?

Fullscreen capture 2162012 105521 AM.bmp

Neither can I, and especially on my Droid phone which I sometimes use.

So….I give up. I will still read blogs with comment moderation turned on,  but I will rarely leave comments. 


  1. Same deal here. I RV so I never have to work that hard again.


  2. I hate those word verifications and petty much decided I cannot handle trying to comment with those in place. There is a difference between word verification and moderation.

    Moderation means that you publish after getting an e-mail from blogger. In fact you can have both moderation and word verification activated at the same time.

    We still have only ever used the moderation method. since it can be awhile before I check the blog, I would be unhappy to find some porno ads on my comments. we recently had some for the first time on the Dutch blog- I think the Dutch title triggered this since so many porn business are run out of there.

  3. I think people are responding by turning the silly filter off. Lets hope we don't all get ugly spam that doesn't go into the spam file!,

  4. I haven't used word verification or moderation for many months. I've had a few spam comments but the spam filter caught them all. I don't think the word verification is worth the hassle, especially since it has been changed to require the deciphering of two unreadable words.

  5. I no longer have an RV, but I still choose not to 'work that hard'.
    The "Spam blocker", or whatever it's called seems to do the trick, and my only misgiving is that I tend to forget to rummage around in there and check to see if there's anything worth while. There's never been anything but cr*p so far.
    Should I feel left out that none of it so far has been porn?
    I'll try to suck it up.

  6. i know how to read both of those... they say don't leave comments here :)

  7. Michael and Dee....yea!

    Good LUck Duck. you're right about that!

    Chuck and porn for me yet!'re right about that! I especially hate the blogs that don't let you know they have word verification until AFTER you have written your comment...sneaky!

  8. I used that captcha comment option after getting a LOT of spam when we first started bloggin. Hopefully, Blogger has gotten better like Rick (of Rick and Paulette's Travels) says they have. His blog for today was all about how to turn off the word verification if anybody needs to know. I turned it off, so we'll see!

  9. Me too but after I turned off the verification google turned me off and I had to "verify" my account. They took my blog off line in the mean time. It's back up now but I guess I'd better check and see if BIG BROTHER turned verification back on. What a PIA. As if we all don't have neough troubles.

  10. It looks like bloggers who still insist on using word verification are going to notice a big drop-off in comments very soon.

    My comment on those blogs, for now, is just to let them know it is on in case they are unaware. After that though - zilch from me.

  11. I turned mine off a long time ago and then Blogger put it back on without my knowledge. Turned it off again. We've never received more than one or two spam comments and the filter has caught them all.

    I said it before and I'll say it again: I am not a robot! ;c)

  12. No robot here and no comment verification. Yeah!!!

  13. I had some trouble with spams, so I was using word verification, but I've turned it off now.


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