Monday, June 17, 2013

State Park and Rv Lots for Sale


Cleveland, Georgia  (high 81, low 64)


The weather has been very nice here in the Georgia mountains.  It’s not exactly cool with the highs between 80 and 84 every day, but the humidity is much lower than Florida and it’s pleasant enough that you can enjoy outdoor activities.  It gets wonderfully cool at night.  In fact, we’ve had to break out the sweats for a few hours in the mornings.  

Yesterday was a day for some exploring.  We ended back in Blairsville looking at an Rv lot.  The drive was gorgeous, as usual.

The scenery was beautiful.


There are many, many beautiful vineyards.  This one was on the top of a hill and really caught my eye.  I think we’ll have to spend some time exploring the vineyards, if not to drink wine, but just for their beauty.



We ended up at Amicalola Falls State Park.  We had been there years ago and the main thing we remembered was that they have a very steep hill going into their campground.   It was a 25% grade.  Oh, no….not for me!


They have a “Hike-In Lodge.”  The only way to get to the lodge is to hike.  It appears to be very popular.


There is another lodge that can be reached by vehicle.  We went inside hoping to see the waterfall.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t visible from the lodge.

It was a nice view though.


The Robin had the best view.


The falls are visible from the top, but you don’t get a very good view of them.


Spectacular scenery and hiking trails make this one of Georgia’s most popular state parks. At 729 feet, Amicalola Falls is the tallest cascading waterfall in the Southeast.

Visitors have choices on how to best view the tumbling waters, ranging from an accessible pathway to a challenging trail with staircases.  Those who tackle the latter can join the park’s Canyon Climbers Club.  An 8.5-mile trail leads from the park to Springer Mountain, the southern end of the famous 2,175-mile Appalachian Trail. Numerous other trails provide shorter day hikes.




We didn’t have time to do any serious hiking yesterday,but we did walk around a little and this most wonderfully fragrant plant was blooming.  I sure wish I knew what it was because it was so nice.



We ended up in Blairsville, and looked at another Rv lot.  More about that later.

Less than 3 miles from the Rv lot we looked at is Vogel State Park.  It’s another of Georgia's jewels.  We had also been there before and I was impressed that there was a lake up in the mountains.  Hey, I’m a Florida girl.  It doesn’t take much to impress me!

Vogul State Park

Vogel State Park

By the time we got to Vogel, it was getting later in the day, so we didn’t have too much time.   We had a 16 mile over the mountain and we didn’t want to drive it at dark, or in the rain.

The highway back home, is Hwy 129, which goes over Blood Mountain.  It’s a very popular area for crazy motorcyclists and bicyclists, with a lot of very twisty and windy curves.

The guys on the “crotch rockets” love this road.  When they are zooming around a curve, they lay the motorcycle down so low into the turn, that their knees are literally inches from the pavement.  Yesterday, one guy  have had on some sort of metal knee pads and when his knee hit the pavement, sparks flew!  It was kind of interesting to watch, but man, how dangerous is that?

No pictures…sorry, it happened too fast.


Our trip to Blairsville was to look at another Rv lot for sale.

This one has a huge  35x80 concrete slab.  A coach house (or cabin), a raised deck with table, chairs and umbrella included.

That’s a 45 foot motor home in there, so you can see the site is plenty big.

Rivers Edge Rv Park 

The coach house (cabin) has a washer and dryer, refrigerator, hot water heater, sofa, and shelving for storage and a place to hang extra clothes. 

Rivers Edge Rv Park

Rivers Edge Rv Park, coach house

Rivers Edge Rv Park

The deck comes with a table and chairs and huge umbrella.

Rivers Edge Rv Park

It’s a wonderful lot in an area that offers a lot to do.  It might be a nice place to spend a few months in the fall.


It rained pretty hard half the night.  I sucked it up and didn’t get too worried.  Of course, just in case I set the SAME code on the weather radio for our area and kept checking the radar for any signs of severe weather.   Other than heavy rain and lightning and thunder, we didn’t get much.

Rain is predicted today and tomorrow, so we may not get to do much exploring.   There is so much to do  around here, that we hate to miss a day due to the rain.

We could use a day of rest though.  We’ve been going strong for 2 weeks and are both tired.  Today might be a good day for a movie and a nap!

The final picture is of Al trying to get a “the end” picture for Judy.  It was of a big bulldog.   He worked so hard and when he finally got one, I took one look at it and decided it was too gross to post!

Al trying to get a "the end" shot for Judy


  1. 25% grade - I couldn't handle that one either. That's insane. You really did find some beautiful RV lots. Are you looking to buy or just rent? You probably said earlier but my mind doesn't hang onto much info any more.

  2. Glad you are enjoying the NE GA mountain area. I know we love it up here. Like you said, the days can get hot up here but the lower humidity and the way it cools down in the evenings compared to FL sealed it for us.

  3. Another beautiful area to explore, enjoy your time there.

  4. Very pretty header photo.

    What a lovely site. The "cabin" is wonderful. I like the idea of having a washer and dryer. I love the vaulted ceiling.

  5. It's a slippery slope, buying an RV lot. It's the gateway purchase to buying a house... ;c)

  6. I always wanted to go to Amicalola Falls and stay for a while to do some hiking. For years I longed to hike the AT so going to Springer Mountain just to be there is also something I'd love to do. Thanks for the pictures.

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  8. Sounds like you never plan to leave the southeast. Is that so?

    Some "the end" shots just aren't right for publication. ;)


  9. Karen,
    Think you must be talking about "The Dragon Tail" where the motor cycles were racing ...... Don't know if you came West far enough but my little bit of paradise is in Robbinsville...... Some of the most beautiful lakes you will ever see are in the mountains .... Your camera would have a real show capturing the of the most beautiful Is right here in Robbinsville, Lake Santeetlah .... Hope you will be able to see it one day ......Your excursions have been lots of fun to follow ..... Keep having fun !!!!!

    1. We'll definitely get there to see it. I'm really loving these mountain lakes.

  10. It sure is a beautiful spot. Great pics!

    I'm not sure I could handle 425 steps - maybe they should turn it into an escalator.

  11. The Georgia mountains are completely unfamiliar to me, so I appreciate seeing photos of these places and reading about their unique features. Still sounds a little warm for daytime temps, but those mountain lakes would help. The views are sure pretty. What is the bug situation?

  12. Beautiful site! Makes me want to head east!


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