Monday, February 11, 2013

Product Reviews


Wesley Chapel, Florida  (high 82, low 59)

We are adjusting to being back in a big city after being away for two weeks.  Man….the Tampa traffic is horrible.  The drivers are aggressive and always in a hurry.

Unlike the traffic on the prairie.


We have been going to our wonderful gym.  There are cheaper ones around, but we really love the Tv’s on the bikes and treadmills, the hot pool, and the sauna.  I find myself getting interested in a Tv show and not realizing how long I’m the treadmill or bike.  It sure helps keep from getting bored.  Of course the best part is the wonderful warm pool.  It’s not quite as warm as a hot tub, but it’s pretty  close!


Unfortunately, it’s back to reality this week.  Al has some pest control accounts to do this week, and I have paperwork, and cleaning to do.

We brought back a LOT of prairie dust/sand/dirt with us and now it’s time to get rid of it.

Remember how dirty our truck was?



After I took this picture, more dust accumulated on the back window to a point where you almost couldn’t see the “wash me” print.

The first thing we did was head to a car wash for the truck.

Fortunately, the coach wasn't nearly as dirty since it didn’t run up and down the prairie road several times a day.  However, we did feel it was probably too dirty to use The Solution this time.  There are a few people here that will come to your site and wash it for $100 or so.    Our main concern with using them was that we’d end up with swirls in the clear coat.  Our coach is dark so they really show up.  We have a few already from before we bought it, and we didn’t want any more swirls.

So, I decided to give The Solution a try on some of the least dirty places.  It did a good job and I didn’t see any swirls.  I then tried some of the dirtier places towards the bottom.  I used a more product than normal to really wet the coach and it did a great job. I change the microfiber towels often once they get dirt accumulating on them so as not to grind the dirt back into the painted surfaces.   It worked as well on the really dirty places.  The dirt is gone,there are no swirls and it left a really nice smooth surface and a good shine.

Cool!   I don’t think we’ll be paying any to wash the coach since we have The Solution.

So, it passed the test for normal dirt and now passed the test for prairie dirt as well!

Fullscreen capture 2112013 95740 AM.bmp

If you haven’t already tried The Solution, I can’t recommend it highly enough.  It works great on clear coat finishes, windows, chrome.  It washes and shines all at once, and does a great job removing bugs.  It’s quick and easy too.

No, I don’t work for them, do not get a commission, just like to pass on a good product.

I just noticed they have an internet special where you can get 4 gallons for the price of 3.  They are normally $40 a gallon, and with this, you get a nice savings.  

I just ordered 4 gallons and am splitting with a neighbor.


So, now on to my next product review.

I posted a while back that we bought pedometers that were recommended by a few other people.

Omron Pedometer at Amazon

I’m happy to say they have passed the test and we really like them.   We ended up ordering ours from Walmart, because Amazon couldn’t quite get it straight that I have a separate mailing and billing address.  I don’t think I’ve still gotten it straightened out with them.  I keep telling them my shipping and mailing address (for debit card purposes) and they end up switching the two around.  It must be me, but I gave up and ordered through Walmart.


We’ve had pedometers before where you have to reset them every day and it’s usually a bit of a hassle.  With these, once you set them up the first time, they automatically start over each day and keep a running 7 day list going.   They measure the number of steps…both regular and aerobic, calories burned, and miles walked.  It’s really helping us to get motivated.  We want to get in at least the recommended 10,000 steps per day.

It’s easy on the prairie, it’s easy when we go to the gym, but not so easy staying home cleaning, and doing laundry..


That’s all the products I’m recommending today.

How about you, do you have anything you really like???


  1. Thanks for the reviews. I've been using The Solution on the shower and really like it. Don't have anything to review though. Just haven't tried anything new lately.

  2. Just curious, how many microfiber towels does it take to clean your MH with the Solution? Or can you keep rinsing the same towel and keep using it?

    Certainly looks like the answer to keeping a MH clean when you're not allowed to wash it with a hose and bucket. :c)

    1. I actually prefer this to soap and water I think.

      I never do the whole coach at once, so I just wash the towels as they get dirty. I got a big bag of nice microfiber towels at Sams

  3. Hurry and answer Paul's question because he might just pass close by on his way to Florida if they get their eyes taken care of. He owes me a promised rig wash, so I'd like to be prepared just in case. :)

  4. > So, it passed the test for normal dirt and not passed > the test for prairie dirt as well!

    I'm confused. Did it work or not?


    PS: Proof reading is a wonderful thing.

    1. Yes it is, and understanding what a typo is and realizing one can't easily proof their own work is also a wonderful thing. I will correct my typo since it bothered you so much.

  5. I watch music videos when I am on the machine. The time flies.

    Paul never washed our motorhome or washes our 5th wheel. He has only used the Solution for the last four years. I use it in the house on my counters. It does a super job.

  6. I certainly prefer four legged traffic to four or more wheel traffic:)

  7. I saw packs of the microfiber towels at Harbor Freight, I might pick some up to keep on hand. Great suggestion!

    Karen and Steve
    (Blog) RVing: This Country Is Our Big Backyard

  8. Thanks for the reviews! We haven't tried The Solution. I'll pass that info on to Joe...that's his dept. I do have a new Quisinart Oval Frying pan.....we found one on sale. I love it....well worth the money!

  9. I have been using the Solution for 3 1/2 years now. I love it. I'd guess it takes me 4-5 micro fiber towels per RV cleaning.

  10. I have heard others talk about the Solution. It sounds like we need to be getting some. Thanks for posting on it and telling about it.

  11. We purchased our first Gallon at the Quartzsite show. And we are eager to try it.


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