Thursday, January 06, 2011

Doctor Visit

Yesterday was Mom's visit to the Cardiologist. This was actually the second one as the last Cardiologist said her heart was fine.  This one reviewed her records and agreed that her heart was fine.  That's good news, but she is still having problems that to her, feel like it's her heart.  She took her off one of her medications and made a follow up appointment for 3 weeks.

After the doctor appointment, we made a trip to Sweet Tomato's for lunch.  It's a big salad bar on steroids and is a wonderful place to eat.  There are all sorts of salads, home made soups, pasta, and breads.  Yummy!

We came home, watched a few episodes of Dexter, and  even managed to stay awake past 10pm!

We got some fairly heavy rain overnight and our slides leaked again!  We've tried to figure out where the water is coming in, and evidently we haven't got it right!  The temperature is 62 degrees now and should approach 70 by the end of the day.  We sure can't complain about the weather right now.


  1. Hope the doctor can help figure out what is troubling your mom. Enjoy the weather and of course, I am looking forward to another virtual kayak trip in Florida waters!

  2. Glad your Mom's heart is ok. It's always nice to look-n-see what the new RV's have to offer.

  3. Glad your mom's heart checked out ok, I went thru the same in the last weeks.

  4. You stayed awake past 10pm? Man, are we ever having trouble doing that on our trip so far!

    Water leaks are tough to trouble shoot, but it almost has to be coming thru one of the rubber seals somehow.

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